Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Boy oh boy...

It's a...Well, I'm not going to give it away that easily just yet.

Tim and I found out the gender of our lil' one at a "sneak peek" visit at 16 weeks. I was so stinkin' excited and the anticipation was killing me. It was June 17th, on my birthday (there's significance to this date which I will go into later). As we sat, waiting to have our second ultrasound, Tim and I were betting to see who's instinct was right. Tim thought it was a girl the entire time, since the day we found out. My thought was a boy most of the time. I even went to 5 different sites and had the Chinese calendar predict the gender of our baby...and 4 out of 5 times it was a boy. So I stuck to my guns, and when she called us back to do the ultrasound, I became more and more excited with each step I took.

So we're in the room, staring intently at the screen and, and, and...we saw nothing! No nub, or lack there of...the baby was turned the wrong way. So the sonographer worked her magic and finally, the moment of truth shown very clearly across the screen in front of Tim and me.  The view was not proper at all.  In fact they call it the "toilet seat" angle...pretty embarrassing if you ask me. Well, as soon as we got the first close up of it, I knew right away...and so did the sonographer.  She said, "well, if you haven't figured it out, you're having a girl."  When I heard that, I was the happiest mommy-to-be! So, you heard it! The O'Neal's are having a GIRL!!! Tim was right!! It's amazing to me why God allows these blessings and my heart is just overflowing with love for this gift of a little girl. I cannot wait! Oh, and let the shopping begin! 

Here are some pictures and video of how we told our parents...

 Dad got to cut the cake to reveal the gender of our baby in the color of the icing. Neat story...27 years ago on June 17th (my birthday) dad found out I was a girl...it was also Father's Day. Well, this past June 17th Tim and I found out we're having a girl...and I told dad on Father's Day!

Mom...trying to hold back tears.

Happy Uncle Ryan and scared husband!

We were able to capture Tim's mom and dad and their reaction to the big news on video! They were reacting to me and my belly. I tied a pink ribbon around my belly and wrote on it, "It's a GIRL!" After dinner, I told them I was full and felt "fat" and then I lifted up my shirt to show the pink ribbon.  Just like Mrs. O'Neal and the rest of the family (with the exception of Tim and his brother, Chris), we all thought boy...made for a big surprise!

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