Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last Days of Pregnancy

I know, I know! It's been a VERY long time since my last post but life has significantly sped up and I had to take some eggs out of my basket...and my blog was one of the first eggs to go. My apologies. 

Just to let you know, my blog, from here on out, will be less reflection entries and more quick moments of my life. As Tim and I have been preparing for Harper's arrival, we found a quick moment to take some preggo pictures of my (our "our" if you prefer that saying instead) last days of pregnancy. I asked my brother to take some fun pictures of us the other day. I'm shocked he said "YES!" but then again, pregnant women get their way more often then not...not that I've utilized this...really I haven't. 

Anyway, the place we took pictures I just happened upon driving down Irmo dr days before. I loved the old rustic feel of the barn, truck, tire swing, and big fields. It reminded me of my grandmother's house in the country. It had a homey feel and thought it was just perfect for pictures. So here are a few for your viewing pleasure. Much thanks to the bro for capturing some sweet and tender moments (just on my end...Tim hated it, of course but I didn't have to ask him at all...again, pregnant women get what they want). I am almost 38 weeks in these pictures. Enjoy!

Okay, the reason we are laughing is because Tim pretended to put a gun to his head the picture before Ryan took this one. I was unaware of what they were laughing at, but you can tell I decided to join in. Ha! Later, I discovered what they were laughing at. FYI, this picture was #7 of 60. He really loves me!

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